IWPLMS - 36th Annual Conference

22-24 June | Athens, Greece

Panteion University – Department of Social Policy

The Department of Social Policy is a new department of Panteion University, operating since 2004-5. Social policy is an interdisciplinary academic field which combines theory and applications. It requires understanding and analyzing social phenomena, problems and policies, from different theoretical and methodological perspectives, as well as learning how to design and evaluate social policies. The main theoretical inputs for the analysis of the welfare state and social policy come from sociology, economics, and political science.

The Department thus provides foundation courses in the above disciplines – to which we must add demography, geography and statistics – as well as general and specialized courses in social policy. Apart from introductory courses, general courses also include comparative social policy, history of social policy and design and evaluation of social policies and programmes. Specialized social policy courses are available in the fields of income inequality, poverty and social exclusion, employment, industrial relations and work organisation; social insurance, health, education and housing; the family; gender equality and migration. Social problems and policies in rural and urban areas are also studied in the department at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The Department runs a Master’s programme in “Social Policy: methods and applications” and has two research units: the Centre for Social Morphology and Social Policy (KEKMOKOP) and the Centre for Gender Studies. There are 43 Ph.D. students currently doing their doctoral studies in the Department.