IWPLMS - 36th Annual Conference

22-24 June | Athens, Greece

Hellenic Social Policy Association

Hellenic Social Policy Association (HSPA) is the collective scientific body of professors, researchers and post- graduate students of Social Policy, founded in 2001 with the aim to promote social policy analysis at practical and theoretical level in Greece and currently has nearly 250 members. The main activities of HSPA include the organization of international conferences (biennial since 2001), lectures and workshops (since 2002), thematic seminars (since 2009), the publication of collective volumes (since 2004) and conference proceedings (since 2010). Since 2013 HSPA is the responsible editor of the electronic journal “Social Policy.

Edited volumes:

  • Petmezidou, M. & Papatheodorou, Chr. (eds), Poverty and Social Exclusion, Athens, Exandas, 2004

  • Bagavos, Chr. & Papadopoulou, D. (eds), Migration and Integration of Immigrants in the Greek Society, Athens, Typothito-G.Dardanos, 2006

  • Petmezidou, M. & Papatheodorou, Chr. (eds), Social Reform and Changes in the Public-private Mix in the Field of Social Policy, proceedings of the 3ο International Scientific Conference EEKP, Athens, Ellinika Grammata, 2010

  • Prokou, E. (ed.), Social Dimensions of Policies in Higher Education: Comparative and International approach, Athens, Dionikos, 2011


  • Papatheodorou, Chr. & Dafermos, G., Dimensions of poverty and deprivation in Greece and in the state of Attiki. Athens: Hellenic Social Policy Association, 2010

  • Polizoidis, P., Skamnakis Chr. & Tikos, E., Mapping services, institutions and organizations for action against poverty and social exclusion. Athens: Hellenic Social Policy Association, 2010


  • 1ο International Scientific Conference EEKP “Social Policy in Greece and the European Union: New challenges, trends and prospects of reform”, Dimokriteio University of Thrace, Komotini, May 10-12, 2001

  • 2ο International Scientific Conference EEKPSocial Change and Social Policy in Greece of New Century”, in cooperation with the department of Political Science of the University of Crete, Rethimno, March 2005

  • 3ο International Scientific Conference EEKP “Social reform and changes in the public-private mix in the field of Social Policy”, Athens, 24-25 October 2008

  • 4ο International Scientific Conference EEKP “The role of social policy today: Critical approaches and challenges”, Panteion Univerisity of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, November, 9-11, 2011

  • 5ο International Scientific Conference EEKP Social Policy in time of crisis: In the crossroads of options”, Panteion Univerisity of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, May 8-10, 2014