IWPLMS - 36th Annual Conference

22-24 June | Athens, Greece


The International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation is an annual international meeting of experts specialized in the labour market segmentation approach. It is coordinated by an International Steering Committee. Each year the papers are built around a central axis proposed to the participants of the meeting as a guide for submitting abstracts and papers.


The members of the steering commitee are:


Jill Rubery, Manchester Business School

Gerhard Bosch, University of Duisburg-Essen

Peter Brosnan, Griffith University

Iain Campbell, RMIT University

Pilar Conzales, University of Porto

Albert Recio, University of Barcelona

Francois Michon, IRES, Paris

Maria Karamessini, University of Panteion

Pertti Koistinen, Tampere University

Paola Villa, University of Trento

Philippe Mehaut, University of Provence Aix-Marseille

Samuel Rosenberg, Roosevelt University

Dominque Anxo, Linnaeus University


Previous Conferences:


35th Conference – Changing patterns of segmentation and polarization, Manchester, 2014

34th Conference – Austerity without end? European employment in the crisis, Dublin, 2013

33rd Conference – Pathways to recovery: an agenda for another Europe, Rome, 2012

32nd Conference – Education and Training, Skills and the Labour Market, Bamberg, Germany, 2011

31st Conference – National Models of Employment and Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Valencia (Spain), 2010

30th Conference – Social Policy as a productive factor, Tampere, Finland, 2009

29th Conference – Modernising labour market institutions: are current labour market institutions capable of meeting the needs of the twenty-first century? Porto, Portugal, 2008

28th Conference – Reshaping Employment Systems: Firms Unions and Individual Strategies, Aix-en-Provence (France), 2007

27th Conference – National Patterns of Labour Market Integration and Social Exclusion over the Life Course, Växjö (Sweden), 2006

26th Conference – Dynamics of National Models of Employment, Berlin (Germany), 2005

25th Conference – Intergenerational Change, the Welfare State and the Labour Market, Brisbane (Australia), 2004

24th Conference – Technical and Organisational Change: The Impact on Employment and Social Equity, Rome (Italy), 2003

23rd Conference – Job Quality, Spetses (Greece), 2002